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Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Quarry Unlimited - Team Cards

Before we get going, due to Blogger not wanting to put any of my posts to be updated before 5-12 hours after I post them I am going to announce here that every day, Monday thru Saturday, there will be a new 2013 Quarry Unlimited posting at 1PM EST.  Blogger will not say I have posted anything until approximately 9PM, but rest assured the content will be here so feel free to come by early if you are interested.  Now on with the show.

I mentioned yesterday that I would be doing team cards for the 2013 Quarry Unlimited set.  That is only a partial truth.  These cards are not actually "team cards" as we have all come to know them, these are manager and coaching staff cards which I prefer in fact.  Although they were included quite a bit in the 60s and 70s, coaching staffs are a very unheralded group in the card industry.  That really is a shame because so many of these coaches are former big league players and some have the type of name recognition that the card industry relies on.  Take a look at these cards and see where some notable players from the 1990s ended up.

The way I have arranged them is on the left there is the American League sorted alphabetically by division.  On the right is the National League team that shares an exact color palette (team name, player name, position flag) with that AL team. 

The coaches are arranged as well.  The top row is the hitting coach and the pitching coach in that order, while the bottom row contains the 1st base coach and the 3rd base coach respectively.  I limited it to 4 coaches per team because every team has those 4 positions covered.  Finally, the founded dates are the first year that this franchise (no matter what city or nickname) played games in either the American League or National League.

We only had one managerial change during the season so I made an updated card featuring the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies and I updated the coaching staff as well.  I'll not get into my opinion of this managerial change until I feature the Phillies team set.  Here is the new card next to the original one. 

While I did not make a card for every single coaching change, I did make one for the first major coaching change of the year.  I did this for three reasons.  The first reason was because I didn't realize how many coaching changes would be taking place this year.  Two, I didn't realize how difficult it was to come up with photos of the new coaches because these are mostly posed Spring Training shots.  Thirdly, when a Hall of Fame player becomes a hitting coach it is noteworthy.

Thanx for reading.


J. Meeks said...

These are killer, man. The manager cards are one of the few reasons I'm a fan of Heritage, but I like your idea of putting the entire staff on a card. Nice work!

night owl said...

This will be the most fantastic thing I see all week. Very well executed.


Very, very nice !!

Nick said...

Very cool!

Jim said...

Excellent work! And nice touch adding the second Phillies card.

Marcus said...

Loving these, and was a big fan of last year's as well.