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Thursday, November 28, 2013

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #8 Seattle Mariners Part 2

The main reason I sort of like the Mariners is the same reason I have always sort of liked Kentucky football, pity.  During my childhood there was one thing you count on before the baseball season started and that was the Mariners would finish the season with a losing record.  Seattle spent the first 14 seasons of their existence under .500 and never finished above 4th in their 7 team division until the 1994 strike season.  The only time that the Mariners were actually good was during my exile from the sport following that strike.  By the time I came back, the M's were back at the bottom of the standings where I always expected them to be.  Is there a team in any sport that you like (or feel sorry for) because they usually aren't good?  While you ponder, let's take a look at the second half of the 2013 Seattle Mariners.

My Top 5 Mariners Cards 
1. Henry Blanco
2. Carlos Triunfel
3. Joe Saunders
4. Kendrys Morales
5. Robert Andino

The Blanco is a really great play at the plate card enhanced by the fact that Henry Blanco is in his 40s and this is probably his last card ever (well he has one more in this set, but you get the point).  When I look at the Triunfel card the first thing I think of is a no look pass in basketball.  Here, Triunfel is perfecting the art of the no look catch.  Joe Saunders has the double threat of an AL pitcher at the plate and the throwback uniform.  It is a nice combo.  I love cards of big guys sliding into bases, but the Morales is even better with the abundance of dirt clods.  Finally for the #5 slot, I had two different double play shots to choose from.  I picked the Andino over the Ackley due to the fact that Andino is off his feet.  A much better photo.

Coming tomorrow - #9 Milwaukee Brewers

Thanx for reading.

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Nick said...

Love the Saunders. I remember that game because it was a Fox Saturday game against the Cubs around July, I think. I'm pretty sure that was also Brad Miller's big league debut.