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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Topps Set Countdown #'s 25-21

In this week's installment of The Best Topps Set Countdown, I will finish up the middle third of Topps sets.  There is one thing I feel I must point out.  Just because a set is listed today or even in the last few weeks, does NOT mean I don't like it.  It is my opinion, that a card collector (or a collector of anything for that matter) should like at least half of a collected product or else why bother.  For me, I think only the bottom 15 or so of this list falls into the "don't like" category, and even then there are some good qualities with almost every one of those sets.  Now that the countdown is nearing the top 20, we are talking about a stage of degree of likability.  So before anyone think I am crazy for not liking these sets, relax I do like them.  There are just others I like more.  With that said, let's take a look at the next five on this list.

25. 2007

PLUSES - I am a big fan of the black border.  The two colored squares on the front were a nice addition of color.  The back is very solid as well.  I especially like the "field-colored" stat box.

MINUSES - I still hate facsimile signatures, even more so on modern products because of the abundance of certified autos.  There is some unused space on the back under the small photo.  If they had moved the team logo there and reformatted the personal info it would be a nearly card back.

24. 1966

PLUSES - The different colors of the name bar and team slash throughout the set perk up an otherwise boring front design.  Nice photography in general (although I picked a bad example to show that fact).  The black box for personal info really adds to the back.

MINUSES - It had the bad timing of following, arguably, the best four year run in Topps history.  Overall, if you take away 1 or 2 elements and this is a "cookie-cutter" set.  Kind of boring.

23. 2011

PLUSES - Very good photography, perhaps the best ever for a Topps set.  The "baseball logo at the end of the rainbow" is a great design element.  I really enjoyed the little text about the card number history on the back, although it is awkwardly arranged. 

MINUSES -The picture on the back is completely unnecessary and a bit of overkill.  The backs are full of info, perhaps too full.  It seems to be very crammed in.  Quality control issues "2 Jason Hammels anyone?" once again rear their ugly head.

22. 1975

PLUSES - The two-toned color scheme is very iconic and symbolic of the "psychedelic" 70's.  The team in the block lettering really works for this set.  I like the addition of the player's middle name on the back.  A simple touch that adds a lot to the set.

MINUSES - The "Christmas colored" back just never did anything for me.  The green writing will kill your eyes.  On top of that, this set also incorporates both vertical backs and the facsimile signatures.  The card number is in an odd location as well.

21. 1981

PLUSES - I love the caps on the front.  It is surprising that this is the only set (that comes to mind anyway) that uses that as a design element.  The back is crisp and very readable.  I like the dual cartoons at the bottom as well.

MINUSES - The Topps baseball on the front just seems odd and out of place.  It would have been better to use that ball for the player's position.  The color schemes were weird in the best case scenario and just wrong in the worst. 

This really is an eclectic grouping.  I'm sure some of you that are a few years older would have 1975 in your top 10 or higher, but it was in that "too new to be vintage, too old to be current" stage when I first started collecting.  Therefore, I never really got that attached to it, but I still like the set.  What are your thoughts on the above sets?  How about the collector's mentality?  What percentage of Topps sets falls into your "like" category?  Join me next week for the start of the top 20.


night owl said...

There are few Topps sets that I dislike. Let's see if I can name them all:

2008, 1996, 1968, 1961.

There are others that I don't care for, but not enough to put in the dislike category. So that means the overwhelming majority are in the "like" category!

You're right, I'd rank '75 much higher. Like No. 1!!!! Of the sets listed in this post, I'm not crazy about '66 (way, way boring) and you're right about '81, the colors are off-putting (puke green anyone?)

moremonkeys138 said...

That blank space on the backs of the 2007 cards is used for the serial numbering, when a parallel is numbered. I'm a big fan of 2007, probably due to the black border. 1966 I feel they did kind of phone it in...

Kev said...

i like this series - nice idea, and nice job so far!