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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday PWE Trade Bait #13

Good Sunday evening guys.  Once again it was a busy week here at the Quarry.  Between COVID postponements and my own oversight, we had 5 different medical checkups among 3 humans and 4 dogs all in the same week.  None were serious and all were just regular checkups, but the time involved with the extra protocols combined with the normal long irritating wait times at the doctor just took all my time this week.  On the upside, my pups now have their first round of shots and the only thing we have to deal with on the human side is a slight increase in blood pressure for my grandfather.  But he is 85 and diabetic, I am happy that that is the worst news from a medical checkup.  So everyone is still going strong right now.

I have said this several times now, but I hope to get back to normal soon.  I don't want to promise because I know me and I can't guarantee that promise would be fulfilled, but I will try my best to get caught up at some point.  I appreciate everyone's patience with my sporadic postings, but sometimes life just doesn't give you the time to do both everything you want to do and everything you need to do.

But I found time to get this posted, so let's get trading.

As always, I will trade for Rockies, Topps rookie cup cards, 86 Topps homages, the few remaining 2011 Topps Opening Day blues that I need for my master set, 2005 Topps Rookie Cup rainbows that I need, 2020 Donruss rainbows that I need, or the various insert sets I am currently putting together.  The links are working for 6 of those 7, and the other will be done shortly, but for now you can simply ask if I need it.

If you just simply don't have anything I need, don't worry about it.  We can still trade.  I will happily accept serial numbered cards from teams I am in short supply of at the moment.  All I ask is that you include an extra 1 or 2 just to take care of the stamp I will need to trade them later.  

 These are current teams I am comparatively low on trade stuff.

Detroit, LA Angels, Houston, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee

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Claim away.

2006 Fleer/Flair Showcase Legacy Emerald Coco Crisp /150 - 2015 Topps/Update Gold Darren O'Day /2015 - 2016 Bowman/Draft Chrome Blue Refractors Jon Harris /150

2005 Bowman/Bowman's Best Blue Elliot Johnson /499 - 2016 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Aspirations Purple Brody Koerner /200 - 2020 Topps/Update Gold Adam Plutko /2020

2020 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Milestone Miguel Cabrera DK /650 - 2006 Upper Deck Special FX Purple Mark Redman /150 - 2015 Panini/Donruss '81 Press Proofs Bronze Chris Sale /299

2014 Panini/Prizm PDP Draft Class Prizms Red /100 - 2016 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Die Cut Status Red Nolan Williams /99 - 2020 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Season Elvis Andrus /165

2003 Upper Deck/Finite Aaron Looper /1299 - 2017 Bowman/Prospects Chrome Green Shimmer Refractors Francis Martes /99 - 2011 Bowman/Draft Blue Trystan Magnuson /499

2018 Bowman/Platinum Purple Dansby Swanson /250 - 2017 Topps Gold Danny Espinosa /2017 - 2019 Topps/Topps of the Class Greats Bryce Harper /299

2017 Bowman Purple Robert Gsellman /250 - 2015 Bowman Blue Adeiny Hechavarria /150 - 2020 Panini/Donruss One Hundred Jack Flaherty /100

2016 Bowman/Prospects Chrome Refractors Blake Trahan /499 - 2017 Topps/Fire Green Gregory Polanco /199 - 2020 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Milestone Christian Yelich /500

2018 Bowman/Prospects Chrome Purple Shimmer Refractors Brendon Little /655 - 2020 Bowman/Platinum Top Prospects Blue Alexander Canario /150 - 2020 Bowman/Platinum Top Prospects Aqua Logan Driscoll /299


2007 Topps/Triple Threads Emerald Juan Pierre /239 - 2020 Panini/Donruss Variations Ketel Marte "The Pike" Stat Line Milestone /500 - 2020 Panini/Donruss American Pride Red Burl Carraway (w/Justin Verlander) /149


2015 Finest Blue Refractors Charlie Blackmon /150 - 2008 Bowman/Prospects Chrome X Fractors Hector Gomez /250 - 2010 Topps Gold Miguel Olivo /2010

Cards with new homes.



As always, place a claim on any card that you'd like in the comments section or you can email me directly at hiflew AT yahoo DOT com and we can talk trade.


Thanx for reading.


madding said...

Would love the Flaherty card. I've got a PWE stamped up and ready to mail tomorrow to you.

defgav said...

Could I claim the Topps of the Class Greats Bryce Harper? Nice looking card

gcrl said...

i'll sign up for juan pierre. thanks johnny!

Jeff Laws said...

Woo Hoo! A day late and the Sox card is still there. I'll take the Sale please.

Nick said...

Can I claim the Coco Crisp, pretty please! Also, got your PWE today, much thanks!