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Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day 2021 - Remembering Lost Rockies


The Rockies are a relatively young franchise at just 28 years old.  They have not yet suffered through the loss of former players due to natural aging.  Even the oldest guys on the first Rockies team are only in their 60s right now.  Despite that, the Rockies have still lost some players well before their time.  Today I wanted to acknowledge those players that wore Rockies uniforms and no longer walk the Earth.  

As of right now, there have been 603 players that have donned the purple and silver Rockies uniform even if only for a short time.  Of that group 10 are no longer with us.  I have cards for 8 of them.  I created one custom and the other I had to borrow from a TCDB minor league card because I could not find a ML photo of him.  Let's take the time to remember them today.

Darryl Kile (1968-2002)

Pitched in 68 games for Colorado in 1999-2000.

Mario Encarnacion (1975-2005)

Played in 20 games for Colorado in 2001.

Joe Kennedy (1979-2007)

Pitched in 43 games for Colorado in 2004-05.

Frank Castillo (1969-2013)

Pitched in 14 games for Colorado in 1997.

Jose Capellan (1981-2015)

Pitched in 1 game for Colorado in 2008.

Darryl Hamilton (1964-2015)

Played in 142 games for Colorado in 1998-99.

Mark Brownson (1975-2017)

Pitched in 9 games for Colorado in 1998-99.

Marcos Carvajal (1984-2018)

Pitched in 39 games for Colorado in 2005.

Walt McKeel (1972-2019)

Played in 5 games for Colorado in 2002.

Angel Echevarria (1971-2020)

Played in 172 games for Colorado in 1996-2000

Rest in Peace.

I intend to post this every Memorial Day as long as the blog is active.  Hopefully I won't have to add any more names to the list next time.

Thanx for reading.

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Nick said...

RIP to all. So many gone too soon, especially considering the Rockies are a (relatively) new franchise.