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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This absolutely needs to be a baseball card next year.

If ever there was a picture that screamed to be a baseball card this is it.

For those of you that don't know that is outfielder/cereal namesake Coco Crisp bringing back the 'fro.  I spotted this story on Yahoo Sports and had to post about it.

Sure Crisp is just an average player, but I will get this card if/when it is made.


Hackenbush said...

Yeah. Outstanding!

Ryan G said...

They could actually make a super-wide three-card set from that. One card for each side of the 'fro and then his face in the middle.

I can proudly say I was there the day he first showed that style.

beardy said...

Topps needs to take advantage of this opportunity, and make a Crisp 'fro card that is basically a reprint of the '76 Oscar Gamble card only with Crisp's likeness on it.

Hell, why not just make it an entire insert set.

Better yet, let's call it "Cards Your Mom Can Throw Out Again".