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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quarry Contest Hint #2

Well, no one got it correct on the first guess and honestly if you did I would be checking my house for listening equipment.

I did want to clarify one thing before giving you the next hint.  If you publicize my contest and provide me with the link, you get one EXTRA guess at any time.  Call it a rollover guess, if you will.  Example, if blogger A plugs today, then blogger A can guess twice today or once today and twice on a future day for how ever long the contest lasts.

Enough confusion, let's get back to the contest

HINT #2: The year the set was made begins with a 19.


Probably still not enough to easily guess, but it should help all but one of you that guessed sets from the 2000s.
Good luck and guessing is now reset.


Ryan G said...

I plugged your contest! Where's my free hat! Oh, wrong prize. My guess for today, hrm. 1997 UD3?

Dawgbones said...

1994 Rockies Team set

Eric L said...

1990 Classic -- the pink set

Justin McLeod said...

'88 Score

Nathan said...

1991 Jimmy Dean

The Lost Collector said...

1993 Topps Micro Prism

Also - I gave you a shout out here, but I'm going to hang onto my second guess.


Greg Zakwin said...

Contest has been pimped.


Dan said...

1996 SPx

Jason said...

1986 do Russ diamond kings

hiflew said...

No one is correct, although we are getting a bit closer.