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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RTP #29 - Special Guest Ryan from This Card is Cool

Welcome to the latest edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tonight's special guest is another first time visitor to the show, Ryan from This Card is Cool - My Life in Baseball Cards.  For those of you that haven't met or traded with Ryan, he has quite a few large specialty collections working at the moment.  The most interesting for me is the Super Collection, Ryan's name for a "type collection" (ie getting one card from every set ever made).  It is quite the task that he has embarked on and I will try in my limited way to help him if I can.  Here is his review of the cards I sent him for this small trade.  He sent me some cards from my 2011 Opening Day master set want list hopefully to be completed by the All Star Break.

Let's start with the only Rockie involved in this trade.  Ubaldo is one of 5 Rox in the base set.  The odd thing is, counting Dinger the mascot, there are 6 Rockies in the insert sets alone.  I now have a second card of the entire base set for Colorado in my team binder as well and half of the insert set.

I am nearing 20% completion of the blue parallel set for 2011 Opening Day.  I was not a big fan of Papelbon from the beginning, but the 2007 World Series made him one of my least favorite MLB players.  That silly little leg kick makes him look like he is peeing on a hydrant.  I like the Weeks photo, it really pops with the blue border.

I still think the mascots are my favorite of the inserts.  Yes, they have been done before in Opening Day, but I have never collected Opening Day before.  So they are new to me.  I understand the concept behind naming Wally the Green Monster that particular name, but it seems like too long of a name for a mascot.  Plus he looks like a reject from the old Muppet Show.

Here is both sides of one of the easier Spot the Errors in the set.  The football player looks sort of ghost-like doesn't he?  It reminds of an old Scooby Doo villain or something.

Let's end things out with a pair of base cards including the final Rookie Cup card that I needed.  I wonder when Posey will get poached by New York or Boston?  I don't think I will mind that one as much.  I like the Andrus card as much as any from this set because the photo appears to have been taken at the World Series.

Thanks again Ryan for the trade and I will be sure to check through my oddballs to see if you need them for your Super Collection.  Check out his blog here and trade with him, you won't be disappointed.  Well that just about wraps up yet another episode of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tune in next time for a return trip from the Dean of Baseball Card Bloggers and his Boys in Blue.  Until then we are officially signed off.

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