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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mailbag notes and finally my MCG cards have arrived

Hey all quick post today.  I owe several of you packages and haven't forgotten them.  The following people have packs that were mailed out today.

Jon from Community Gum
Daniel from It's Like Having my Own Card Shop
Julie from Things are Funner Here
Ryan from This Card is Cool
Ted from Crinkly Wrappers
AJ from The Lost Collector
Bo from Baseball Cards come to Life
Sam from The Daily Dimwit
Kirk from Eutaw Street Cardboard

I figured for being a little late with my mailing a quick link/plug might make up for it.  If anyone else should be getting cards from me, please let me know because other than one relic to Greg Z. my trade box is empty for now.

Onto my loot from the Million Card Giveaway.

I only bought one box of Series 1 from 2010 and originally got six codes, and that was it.  Then I took about six months off from the hobby, due to lack of funds and pretty much forgot about them.  Out of my original six, I didn't really want any of them (at least not for the shipping costs).  So I made 13 trades overall and ended up with two cards that I felt were worth shipping.  Here they are.

This 1968 Topps Tim Cullen is my first ever card from this set and it is in great shape.  I traded a 1969 Topps Tim Cullen straight up for it and was shocked that it got accepted.  The 69 was one of my original 6 code cards and I would've probably had it shipped if I couldn't trade it.  Either way this card is now my earliest Rookie Cup supplanting my 1970 Lou Piniella.

This is the card I got from my final trade, which was a trade everything I have left for 1 single Rookie Cup card from the 70s.  I offered the same 6 cards (a 1977 Wayne Garland and 5 from the 1990s and later) for every rookie I didn't have and this was the first to accept.  This is a 1976 Topps Larry Parrish which suffers from a common flaw with 1976 cards being badly off center, but overall much better than nothing.

I loved the MCG site just for the trading.  It was a fun time killer and I will hopefully enjoy the Diamond Giveaway (best card so far a 1977 Luis Tiant) once they get the trade function going on it.

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