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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Cubicle of the Unique - Member #6 Bob Welch

It's time again for another inductee into The Cubicle of the Unique.  Before we move on to our new inductee, let's take a look at the winning image of the previous member Danny Tartabull.

This was a very close vote among all three nominees and the most votes I have had for any Cube member.  In the end, the 1987 Topps Rookie Cup card prevailed by one vote.  I love the old Mariners logo and I think this was the last year it was used before they went to the stupid M's logo.  Thanks to everyone for voting and special thanks to Brian at Play at the Plate for allowing me to plug the post after not getting any comments.

Moving on to new business and that is welcoming a new member to our exclusive club.  Since every general position is now covered (C, IF, OF, SP, RP), it'll be a little tougher to decide now.  But I think I have picked a pretty good pitcher to be the 6th member of The Cube.

Ladies and gentlemen, the sixth inductee to The Cubicle of the Unique.

Starting Pitcher
Bob Welch
(sound of one hand clapping)

Bob Welch had a 17 year major league career with two teams the L.A. Dodgers and the Oakland A's.  Welch first gained notoriety in the 1978 World Series when he struck out Reggie Jackson with two runners on to save the game (but not the Series) for the Dodgers.  He would pitch the next 10 years in LA, garnering some nice numbers (of course pitching in LA is a lot like hitting in Coors numbers can be skewed).  He was traded to Oakland during the 1987 offseason and proved to be a big part of their "near" dynasty during the late 80s.  His best season, by far, was 1990 when he went 27-6 with a 2.95 ERA.  Reason #493 why WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is stupid, Welch's WAR for 1990 was 2.5 meaning a replacement pitcher that year would've won 24 games at a minimum.  Quick, somebody sign that guy.  Following the 1990 season. Welch's age started catching up to him and he lasted four more years with not nearly the succes of his early career.  He retired during the 1994 strike with 211 career victories.

Career Highlights
1990 A.L. Cy Young Award winner, also finished 9th in MVP voting
Finished in the top 10 in Cy Young voting 2 other times
2 time All Star Selection (1 in each league), including starting the 1990 game for the AL
Pitched in 4 World Series, winning in 1989 with Oakland
Pitched in a total of 8 League Championship Series

Career Lowlights
 His career ERA was nearly 1.50 higher during the postseason

Votes for Mr. Welch's enshrinement plaque will be accepted for one week on the left sidebar.  As a sidebar of my own, I think Bob Welch should have gotten more love from Hall of Fame voters than he did.  I don't think his career was worthy of the Hall, but he deserved more than 1 vote.  As always you voting is highly encouraged and appreciated.


Bo said...

Can we vote for his 1991 Score? The one with just his hand?

hiflew said...

I know which one you are talking about and it would be a great choice, but I don't currently have that card. Nominees are limited to my dupes box and I usually try to pick the best that I have.