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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hobby box break - 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus

Welcome to the very first hobby box break here at the Quarry.  I am going with 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus for several reasons.  First and most important is Christian Friedrich, counting parallels, auto, and game used there are 19 Friedrichs (I currently have 1) to collect out of this set.  Second is the ungodly amount of guaranteed hits in the box.  Every box has 4 autos, 4 cards serially numbered to 50 or less, and 1 game used.

(sorry forgot to scan the wrapper before the garbageman came)

150 base cards (including most if not all 2008 1st round picks)

parallels - a bunch
green - #'d to 50
yellow - #'d to 25
orange - #'d to 5
purple - #'d 1/1
die cut green - #'d to 50
die cut yellow - #'d to 25
die cut orange - #'d to 5
die cut purple - #'d 1/1

autos - stickered, but not ugly or really that noticeable
regular - not numbered
green - #'d to 50
yellow - #'d to 25
orange - #'d to 5
purple - # 1/1

game used - 4 jersey pieces in the shape of 2008
regular - #'d to 199
green - #'d to 50
yellow - #'d to 25
orange - #'d to 5
purple - # 1/1

Base Set Completion - 110/150 73.3%
Base Set Dupes - 0!
Parallels - 3
Die Cut Parallels - 1
Regular Autos - 3
Parallel Autos - 1
Regular Jersey - 1
Parallel Jersey - 0

Not bad I got most of the big names for the base set (Friedrich, Alvarez, Hosmer, Matusz, Posey, Ike Davis), one of the two Rockies (not the right one though) in the set was an auto, and the jersey was of a guy that was the key piece in the Cardinals trade for Matt Holliday.


25 Anthony Hewitt die cut green - 5/50 - Phillies 1st round 24th overall
62 James Darnell green - 28/50 - Padres 2nd round 69th overall

133 NY's Hurlers of the Future yellow - 01/25 - Mikey O'Brien (18th rd), Brandon Braboy (9th rd), Pat Venditte (20th rd)
*UPDATE* I just looked up Venditte and it turns out he is an ambidextrous pitcher and has great numbers in the minors. Mariano's replacement?
117 Jake Arrieta yellow - 21/25 - Orioles 2007 5th round 159th overall

Bryan Shaw regular - Diamondbacks 2nd round 73rd overall
Logan Forsythe regular - Padres 1st round 46th overall

Charlie Blackmon regular - Rockies 2nd round 72nd overall (YAY)
Lonnie Chisenhall green - 46/50 - Indians 1st round 29th overall

Brett Wallace regular - 175/199 - Cardinals 1st round 13th overall...traded 3 times (including the deal for Matt Holliday) currently with Astros.  Well that either means 4 teams really wanted him or 2-3 didn't, hmmm.

I will picking up several more of these boxes over the next couple of weeks and will be sharing them here.  I may try to build a master set (minus the parallels) since there aren't THAT many jersey subjects (18 to be exact) and 52 autos.  I will see how I do on the next couple of boxes as to whether I build a master set or just the base with lots of new trade bait.  I'll keep you posted and if you see anything you absolutely have to have email me and we can probably work out a deal.


AdamE said...

I need a bunch of the Red Sox base cards if you end up with extras.

Scott Crawford said...

If you decide not to build, I am totally game for the Hewitt and the Venditte.