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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Budget eBay Collector March Quick Stats

Well, another month down for The Budget eBay Collector.  For those of you that are unaware, here is what The Budget eBay Collector is all about.  All in all, it was pretty successful.  I am happy with my pickups.  One weird fact about this month was that my first nine cards were bought within the first 3 days of the month and the last three didn't come for nearly two weeks later.

Since I am waiting for the arrival of the last two cards, I figured I would show off some raw stats as a slight teaser. 

Cards purchased: 12
Keeper cards purchased: 5
Purchased cards already traded: 2
Sports represented: 1  All baseball this time.
Card companies represented: 5
HOFs purchased: 0 current (1 guaranteed, 1 highly probable w/o steroids; doubtful with)
Rockies purchased: 2
Teams represented: 10 (2 Rockies, 2 Mets)
Budget stuck too?: Yes, in fact I was 15 cents underbudget.
Total $ amount spent on shipping: $0.00
Oldest card purchased: 1964 (2 others from 1969)
Serial #'d cards purchased: 6
Most expensive card including shipping: $0.85
Least expensive card including shipping: $0.17
Fun had?: Not as much fun as the first, but sequels rarely are...still overall a good time.
$5 well spent? - Yes, what I am not keeping I shouldn't have any problem trading away.

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