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Saturday, July 16, 2011

LAST CALL for the July Quarry Group Break...SOLD OUT

Hey guys,

This is the LAST CALL for the July Quarry Group Break.  I am very pleased with the turnout this time as 25 teams have been sold.  This means both bonus plateaus have been reached so a total of six boxes will be opened, the 4 main...the 94 Stadium Club Series 2...and the BTBNL (I have 2 on the way and will give a democratic choice when the time comes)

The five remaining teams I will let go for $8 a piece.  Offers for all 5 will be considered as well.

Astros - CLAIMED
Angels - CLAIMED
Athletics - CLAIMED
Royals - CLAIMED
Diamondbacks - CLAIMED

I have never sold out a break completely and if we do there will be a super secret surprise as well.

I will be starting the break on late Sunday/early Monday, so claim any teams in the next 24 hours or so.



The Dimwit said...

I'll take the Astros...

The Dimwit said...


Dawgbones said...

I sent you an email offer for the D-Backs...