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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gint-a-Cuffs #1 Box Topper + Packs #1-4

I am probably the card blogger with the least amount of love for Allen & Ginter.  That being said, Gint-a-Cuffs is a community project that I did not want to miss.  The Commish has put together a nice set of rules (Dick Vitale +1 really?) and I have had a lot of fun doing the points.  A lot more than I would have without.  In all probability I would not have purchased this box, from my trading buddy Jon at Community Gum, without it.  As you will soon see over the next week, I didn't get a bad box at all and I should be in the top 5 or so overall.  I am not going to be collecting this set (exceptions: all Rockies and the Ascent of Man inserts), so everything mentioned will be available for trade, unless otherwise noted.


Sorry Mark, a Rockies fan had to make that joke.

Box Topper
CB10   Lyndon Johnson / John E. Raker Redwood National Park (+8 pts cabinet card)

Pack total - 8 pts
Running total - 8 pts

This cool box topper is being swapped with Brian at Play at the Plate for his Ubaldo Jimenez N43 topper.

Pack 1:                                   
147      George W. Bush (0 pts)
106      Jonathan Broxton (0 pts)      
137      Carlos Beltran (0 pts)
1          Carlos Gonzalez (+1 pt Rockies)      

bhs-12 Armando Galarraga Highlight Sketches (+3 pts HS insert)  

343      Drew Stubbs SP (+2 pts SP)

316      Manny Ramirez Mini Black Border SP (+14 pts mini BB SP)

hh80    Cliff Lee Hometown Heroes (+1 HH insert)

Pack total - 21 pts
Running total - 29 pts

What a great first pack (George W. Bush notwithstanding)!  Let's ESPN this thing...If the box ended today by extrapolating at 21 pts per pack I AM ON PACE TO end up with 504 pts (512 counting the topper).  Man, those guys sure do suck.
Pack 2:                                   
209      Guy Fieri (0 pts)
96        Daniel Boulud (0 pts)           
260      Alex Rodriguez (-1 pt) DAMN Yankees     

240      Matt Holliday (0 pts)
186      Yunel Escobar (0 pts)
311      Ian Stewart SP (+1 pt Rockies, +2 pts SP) (+3 total) WOOHOO

338      Lance Berkman mini SP (+2 fave player, +3 mini SP) (+5 total)

hh56    Brett Anderson Hometown Heroes (+1 HH insert)

Pack total - 8 pts
Running total - 37 pts

Guy Fieri?  Really?  No, Really?  Why is he not worth at least -1 point Commish?  The upside is I knocked out a Rockies short print and a 2nd straight pack with a short print mini. 

Pack 3:                                   
164      Heather Mitts (0 pts)
212      Aramis Ramirez (0 pts)
114      Brandon Phillips (0 pts)
189      Dexter Fowler (+1 pt Rockies)

100      Albert Pujols  (0 pts)
aom26 Homo Sapiens Sapiens Ascent of Man (+1 AOM insert)      

ap8      Blue Whale Animals in Peril mini (+3 AIP mini)

hh20    David Price Hometown Heroes (+1 HH insert)

Pack total - 6 pts
Running total - 43 pts

3 packs, 3 Rockies...this is fantastic.  The way my luck goes with boxes, I expected 3 Rockies total in the box.  The Ascent of Man really works for me as well, because one of my bachelor's degrees is in anthropology (the other is history).  I am also debating collecting the Animals in Peril.  It is the only other insert set that appeals to me even a little.

Pack 4:                                   
31        Jimmy Rollins (0 pts)
10        Miguel Cabrera (0 pts)
214      Elvis Andrus  (0 pts)
116      Josh Beckett   (0 pts)
91        Joel Pineiro (0 pts)
340      Ryan Zimmerman SP (+2 pts SP)

ug3      Waverly Hills Sanatorium Uninvited Guests mini (+3 pts UG mini)

ff20     USS Pennsylvania Floating Fortresses (+2 pts FF insert)

Pack total - 7 pts
Running total - 50 pts

Well after 20% of the box, I am at 50 points and still have all three relics to go.  Will I maintain the breakneck pace or will reality set in in the next group of five?  Tune in tomorrow for the next fifth of this box.


Play at the Plate said...

You never thought you'd be happy to see Manny, but a black bordered sp mini is a good find. That's a really strong score.

Justin McLeod said...

I'd be happy to take Dubya off your hands. :)

SpastikMooss said...

Fabulous Quinton reference!

flywheels said...

Let me know if you don't chase the Animals in Peril set. I'd also be interested in any Floating Fortresses or Uninvited Guests (or any other mini inserts sets)

Greg Zakwin said...

Manny! Add to my pile, perhaps?

hiflew said...

Everyone has been replied to except Greg Z. who has the noreply@blogger crap on. heehee

Yea the Manny is yours. I honestly wasn't sure anyone would want that card.

Greg Zakwin said...

I have no idea what the no reply thing is haha. You gots my e-mail! Plus, we're working on a deal as is.

And yes, I'm still a Manny fan. Dump your Mannys on me!