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Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #23 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Part 2





My Top 5 Angels Cards
1. Raul Ibanez (blue)
2. John McDonald (green)
3. Jason Grilli (red)
4. Erick Aybar (purple)
5. Kole Calhoun (blue)

The Angels were probably right around average to slightly below average this year.  That being said, they did have a couple of very good cards.  The Ibanez has some fantastic aspects.  There are 15 bats by my count in that picture.  The word "spit" is shown.  The chipped paint on the wall around the bat bucket.  The fact that Ibanez looks like he is smoking a joint (I hope he actually isn't, if so, sorry kids).  Everything really works in that image.  It's probably in my top 10.  I absolutely love the John McDonald card.  In my opinion, it is the absolute perfect image for a retiring player.  The Grilli is one of the few examples of showing a player in the uniform of two different teams on the same card.  It is one of the better signing cards that I have ever seen.  The Aybar is a pretty good near play at the plate card.  In case you are curious, the catcher is Brett Hayes of the Royals.  Finally, I like the Calhoun because it is sort of a unique card.  I have seen image of batters, pitchers, catchers, and fielders looking up at pop ups.  However, I can't recall seeing an image of a baserunner looking up at a pop up. 

Coming tomorrow - #24 San Diego Padres

Thanx for reading.


Nick said...

The Ibanez is my favorite of the bunch as well, though the Grilli is a close second.

Marcus said...

WOOHOO! Padres next!

Speaking of Padres, really surprised looking at the Angels roster how many former Padres were in their bullpen this year: Huston Street, Joe Thatcher, Wade LeBlanc, and Ernesto Frieri.

Love the Ibanez card, great #1. I woulda included the Trout card in the top 5, but maybe Topps has conditioned us collectors to think that anything with Trout's face on it is pure gold.