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Friday, November 16, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #6 Baltimore Orioles Part 1

Much like the Royals, the Baltimore Orioles have also made a big rise in my rankings from the mid 80's.  I was never a big fan of Cal Ripken and I honestly think he is one the most overrated players in history.  Without "the streak," he is about on par with Nomar Garciaparra in my opinion anyway.  I was also scared to death of Eddie Murray.  I never met him other than through cards, but I was terrified of him nonetheless.  So in the 80's, I was indifferent toward the Orioles at best mainly because the Yankees sucked back then.  What I mean by that is, I never cared about any teams in the 1980's AL East and it stayed that way until the Yankees (and Red Sox to an extent) became the main villain for every other fanbase in baseball.  Now I want the Orioles to succeed, because it will mean the Yankees have less of a chance to.  In other words, you can't be a hero unless you have a good villain and for now the Orioles qualify as a hero to me.

If I were an Orioles fan...

Title of the blog - Baul Plairs

Favorite Player (current) - Lew Ford

Favorite Player (all time) - Paul Blairs

Least Favorite Player (current) - Matt Wieters

Least Favorite Player (all time) - Cal Ripken Jr.

2012 Baltimore Orioles Total Cards = 53

How can you not love a good comeback story such as Lew Ford?  He was a nice pick up for my fantasy team in 2004 and that was nearly the last I heard of him until this year.  Five years out of the majors and playing in places like Long Island, Hanshin, and Oaxaca in various other leagues.  Just an awesome story.  Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of the Orioles rebirth season.

Thanx for reading.


Nick said...

Like you, Lew Ford was easily my favorite O's player in 2012. I really hope Topps gives him a card next year.

Love the batting cage shot you used for his card here!

night owl said...

Lew Ford is AWESOME!

I saw him in a minor league game last summer. He was so far above almost everybody on the field. I couldn't believe he wasn't in the majors.

Lo, and behold, he was by the time the season was over.