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Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #12 Cleveland Indians Part 1

One team that has probably always been on in my middle "apathy third" is the #12 Cleveland Indians.  I have never really liked or disliked them which is strange because they have some of the most ardent fans around.  The current Indians are, aside from the obvious Ubaldo link and a couple of vets, rather unknown to me.  The Indians are also the first of two teams (not counting injury) that had multiple managers in 2012.  I still don't understand the logic of Cleveland's firing of Manny Acta with only 6 games left in the season, but now Sandy Alomar can put major league manager on his resume.  He was replaced after the season by Terry Francona, but I hope Alomar gets another chance somewhere and isn't stuck with a 6 game career.  At least he gets a card here.  Let's take a look at the two managers and the rest of the first half of the 2012 Cleveland Indians.

If I were an Indians fan...

Title of the blog - Chief Wahoo's Smile

Favorite Player (current) - Shin-Soo Choo

Favorite Player (all time) - Mel Hall

Least Favorite Player (current) - Ubaldo Jimenez

Least Favorite Player (all time) - Albert Belle

2012 Cleveland Indians Total Cards = 50

The Indians are not only the first team with two manager cards; they are also the first team with two players that used to have a different name while in the major leagues.  Everyone has heard of the famous Roberto Hernandez aka Fausto Carmona incident, but the second is Jairo Asencio who pitched in three games in the 2009 season as Luis Valdez.  I think these guys and others like them should be banned from MLB as frauds.  Do you have a different take on them or other such players?

Thanx for reading.

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