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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #10 Toronto Blue Jays Part 2

As pointed out yesterday by night owl, the men comprising the 2012 Blue Jays are for the most part not going to be the men comprising the 2013 Blue Jays.  I thought about this when I was posting, but I have always had the opinion that a main set should  be more of a yearbook than a crystal ball.  The main reason is Jose Reyes and the others have yet to play a game for Toronto, so the only way to do it is by Photoshopping.  Topps does enough of that for everyone.  So let's go ahead and check out the second half of the "outdated" Blue Jays.

My Top 5 Blue Jays Cards
1. Carlos Villanueva
2. John Farrell
3. Moises Sierra
4. Ben Francisco
5. Omar Vizquel

I have no idea what Villanueva is trying to avoid, but it makes for a great photo.  I assume he is trying to avoid something anyway.  I don't think they are installing the limbo pole on the mound until next year.  Most of you probably think I am insane for putting the manager's card so high on the list, but you get to see half of the lineup card and the umpire's sheet.  It is great depiction of what the manager has to keep up with.  Sierra is just a great action photo.  Part of me wishes I had cropped the photo differently, but it does put the focus squarely on Sierra so I am okay with it.  The Ben Francisco card is probably my favorite standard batting photo in the entire set.  Both the coloration and the swing are beautiful.  Lastly, we have the Omar Vizquel.  It is not only a great photo with all the signage in the background, but it is also the end for Vizquel's career.  You gotta love the final card of a long career, whether you liked the player or not.

I'll be back tomorrow with team #11, which unlike the first 10 teams, actually has quite a large following in the blogosphere.

Thanx for reading.

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Nick said...

Love the Vizquel. I still can't believe Topps didn't give him a card in 2012. Hopefully he'll be in next year's flagship set.