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Friday, June 17, 2011

LAST CALL for the June Quarry Group Break...Tigers, Astros, Angels + more remaining

I am starting the June Quarry Group Break at approximately 2PM  Eastern Saturday.  That means there is still time to grab a team and join in the fun.

Boxes being busted are
1996 Studio
1998 Pacific Aurora
2004 Topps Chrome Series 1
2004 Topps Chrome Series 2

There are currently 18 teams spoken for.

18-19 teams sell there will be no bonus (and nobody wants that)
20-23 teams sell I will add one discount blaster (I'll find the best I can)
24-29 teams sell I will add one $20-30 hobby box (suggestions are encouraged)
All 30 teams sell I will add one $50-60 hobby box (I have one in mind, but requests are welcome here also)

Here are the remaining teams with their discounted prices ($2 off if they are an additional team).  I am basing the discounts on how well teams did in May since the years of the boxes are very similar.  Obviously there are no guarantees of equal goodness, but it as good as any basis for pricing.

Angels -
Astros -
Athletics - Jay Barker Fan
Marlins -
Brewers -
Giants -
Nationals/Expos -
Pirates -
Rays -
Reds - Jay Barker Fan
Royals -
Tigers -

Payment can be made to cardsfromthequarryATyahooDOTcom via Paypal gift before the break starts (or if we have talked beforehand).  Join in the fun and you (hopefully) won't be disappointed.


Wes Moore the former JBF said...

Count me in for the A's. Payment coming.

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

I will jump on the Reds too for $6 more