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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Budget eBay Collector for June - The Decision

Well I got several ideas from you guys along with a few of my own.  Some of them were just about impossible to be successful, some I will use in the future.  This month, I will be taking my talents to the 1960s.  The goal for this month is to acquire 1 card from each flagship Topps set of the 1960s on my $5.00 budget.  Also, the 1960s will be defined as 1961-1970 the way the decades should be defined.  When you count, you don't start with zero.

Sound too easy?  It may prove to be for certain years, but 1961s and 1962s are rarely listed for cheap prices.  I will do my best and show off the rewards once either the goal is complete or the budget is busted.

I hope you all enjoy the month.

BTW, a quick group break plug for Colbey at Cardboard Collections.  He has a few teams remaining starting at $4 shipped for his All Chrome group break. 

One more quick reminder, the second group break at the Quarry will be announced one week from today.  Here are a few teaser pics that could let you figure out the sets.

More details to come.

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