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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hobby Box Break - 2011 Topps Series 2 (Aaron Crow mojo)

Well after saying that 2011 Topps Series 1 was something I wasn't going to pursue, I did not purchase a box.  And until value packs (great idea Topps!) I hardly bought any.  I was happy to trade for the Rockies team set and a handful of rookie cups and like Cub fans, wait til next year.  After the value packs, which I mostly bought for DG codes and the two Heritage packs I realized I was pretty close to having Series 1 finished.  So I might as well, get the set.  I got this box for $54 shipped so not a bad price at all. 

I did pretty good with this box

Base Set - 280/300
Doubles - 0!  (this is why I love Topps flagship hobby boxes)
Goldies - 4
Blacks - 1
HOF Relics - 1
A cool Yankee "card" - 1
Platinum Diamond Sparklies - 9
Kimball Minis - 9
Diamond Stars - 6 (great new insert set)
Before there was Topps - 2 (also interesting)
Diamond Duos - 9 (still boring)
60 YOT Regular - 12
60 YOT Original - 1
Topps 60 - 9
Toppstown - 6! (I was expecting 36, I am now happier)
DG Codes - 6
Prime 9 Redemptions - 2


Here are some pics

 This box had some serious Aaron Crow-jo.  I got a nice little rainbow of him.  The black is of course #'d to 60.

 Roy Halladay is the only other gold of note (a Padres scrub and a Royals team card are the others).  The Diamond Duos is just as dull in this series.

 Here are the 2 new inserts for series 2.  I actually like them both.  The Diamond Stars look really great in person.  The Before there was Topps looks at companies from pre-1952.  I like the write ups and will probably try to get this set.

 Here are my Cards Your 60 Year Old Mother Threw Out or whatever they are called this year.  How long before they start reprinting some commons in a set called Cards you Wish Your Mother Threw Out.

 Yes this is a (mainly) Rockies site, but I had to show off two Dodgers that I don't despise.  Even though Jackie Robinson ranks right up there with Cal Ripken Jr. in terms of overrated "legendary" ballplayers.  No offense to his great legacy, but his contributions are more cultural than player-related.  Sandy Koufax was just awesome no matter what uniform he wore.

 I got the only Toppstown I cared about.  I am thrilled they made them a 1:6 insert rather than 1 per pack.  It sort of makes them feel a little more special.  They still suck, but not as much now.

I still don't see the appeal of these cards, but I will say the color on the Adam Jones does work very well with the Platinum Diamond sparklies.

Topps gave me good news and bad news.  The good news is, I got 2 prime 9 redemption cards instead of the 1 I was expecting.  The bad news is there is no HTA store anywhere close to me.  Does anyone have one near them, so I can send these with a trade package and get them back with a return package?

My relic is of Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson.  Sadly it is not a green and/or gold jersey from the A's, but a Yankee swatch without pinstripes.  Yankees swatches should ALWAYS have a pinstripe.  This one is up for grabs, with BABenny having dibs.

More Yankee goodness.  I didn't get a sparkle or a legend SP, but I did get a silk.  And it is of a good player on a team that people collect.  I will give Dennis dibs on this one since his blog is named after Curtis.  I understand if you decline since he is now part of the Evil Empire.


Dennis said...

Nice box! No dupes from Topps is the exception, not the rule, unfortunately, but you did great. And at least they're going in the right direction with dumping fewer CrapsTowns on you.
I'll defer to anyone else who wants the Curtis as he's a Yankee there, but if nobody's stepped up the next time we trade maybe I'll get it from you (thanks for the dibs!).

Funner Here said...

Please set the Halladay gold aside for me if you are willing to trade it. I have tons of Rockies stuff I can trade you for it!!!

Greg Zakwin said...

Jackie overrated as a player?



moremonkeys138 said...

If you need anything from series 1 to finish up the set, please let me know. I have a small (large) stockpile of them over here. If no one wants them, I may have to build a summer home out of them.

(seriously, let me know if you need anything from series 1 or 2)

flywheels said...

Wow, no doubles? Sweet! Reading your post reminds me I need to get my Series 2 have and want lists updated.

Spiegel83 said...

Despite what you said about Jackie, I'm willing to trade with you again. I have some Rockies Golds, inserts, and diamond parallels from Series 2 to send your way. I also will redeem those Prime 9 cards for you and mail you back the winnings. Email me and we can swing a deal.