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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rockie Trading Post #6 - Special Guest Greg from Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle

Welcome to episode #6 of The Rockie Trading Post.  Today's special guest is Greg from Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle.  In case you haven't met Greg yet, he collects Dodgers, San Diego Chargers, Phoenix Suns, Anaheim Ducks and has several player collections from all sports.  Here is his recap of what I sent to him.  Here are a few highlights of what he sent me.

This is the key to the trade.  The card is absolutely gorgeous, but it does have one flaw.  The mini slides around inside the case.  It seems like Topps should have made the opening the exact size of the mini, but I still love it.

This Tulo was the first I had seen of 2010 Chrome.  I had read others' complaints about them, but I just wrote it off.  But man, those things are bendy, horrible QC.  I don't have my Rockies in a binder yet.  Do the Chrome cards look okay in pages?

Here we have a design I had never seen and a player I had never seen.  Cameron never played for the Rockies in the majors, but he got a base set rookie card.   That's 2003 for ya.  The CarGo, believe it or not, was the first of his cards I acquired for my Rockie collection.  It won't be the last though, I think he will be on 199 different cards this year and I want them all.

Ah interesting picture time.  Leskanic has the look of a guy leaving the bar at 3AM, but that card has so much goodness in it.  Specifically, the congratulations on the scoreboard for the first postseaon appearance.  The Bichette is just a great photo even if it was taken at Candlestick.

This is an example of a good set design and a bad set design.  The 1997 Ultra is probably one of my 5 favorite designs of all time (hey, new post idea well not new but new for me).  The 1995 Fleer Update is one of the ugliest sets I have ever seen.  Whoever thought putting height and weight on the front was a good idea hopefully was fired immediately.

Greg also helped me with a few of my overproduction era Donruss sets.  A couple of each of 89 and 91.  He also sent me a stack of 25 1990 Donruss that was a gamble because I haven't even made a want list for myself yet.  He did pretty good for me.  I needed 16 of them including Mr. Foley there.

Thanks again Greg for the trade.  Check out his blog here and we are in the process of making Greg a returning guest on TRTP.  Tune in tomorrow for another exciting (well, hopefully interesting at least) episode of The Rockie Trading Post, I will be featuring a trade with some golden goodness.  Until then, we are officially signed off.


Derek Hill said...

Chrome does do better in a binder. Nice cards

Greg Zakwin said...

Glad the cards were to your liking. Looking forward to our next trade.

And as Derek said, chrome work well enough in binder pages.

Thanks again!

LoCoDe said...

That Bichette is a fine bit of skull duggery. Check the size of the ball, it's way too big to be real.