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Friday, February 18, 2011

Rockie Trading Post #13b - Special Guest Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog

Welcome back to the exciting second part of my trade with Scott of Smed's Baseball Card Blog.  In case you missed the first part, here is the recap.  Yes I just linked to the post that is right below this one, so sue me.  Let's get on with the conclusion of the trade with some more highlights.

Here we have two former Rockie All Stars.  Both are trying for comeback seasons this year, Hawpe with San Diego and Fuentes with Oakland.  Hopefully they both bounce back, but less hope for Hawpe since he is in division.

Here we have two 2009 Bowman Orange(?) parallels numbered to 250.  Bowman is one of those products that I really have to look up to even tell the year.  They all look way too similar.  Then we have a Russell Wilson purple refractor from Bowman Chrome.  He is yet another college quarterback in the Rockies organization.  The others I can think of are Todd Helton, Seth Smith, and Kyle Parker.

Here is yet another Hawpe parallel along with backup catcher Paul Phillips.  I still can't get enough of the 2009 Topps set.  I think it is the best base set design since at least 1991 if not earlier.

These are a pair of Chrome parallels from 2009 Topps Heritage with the Spilly being a refractor.  Marquis was an All Star in his one season in Denver, a very serviceable pitcher.  The Spilborghs is numbered 560/560.  Does that make it an eBay 1/1 through reducing the fraction?  It is my very first last off the press numbered cards. 

Now we are to 2010 Gold parallels.  Once again, Spilly who looks like he is being chased by a large animal in this photo.  Ian Stewart, what can I say?  He needs to live up to his potential this year or I will rooting for Nolan Arenado to get promoted early on.

Next up are the blue parallels from 2010 Topps Opening Day.  I didn't actually know Opening Day had parallels, but like the Golds these are numbered to 2010 as well.  Is there an Opening Day black border comparable also?

Saving the best for last.  MY VERY FIRST 2011 TOPPS ARE HERE!!!!  Having seen nearly the entire set on just about every blog, I was really getting jealous.  The Seth Smith card has my vote for photo of the set (although I do like the Rick Ankiel as well).  The diamond parallels are okay I guess.  I will collect the Rockies, but I don't really like them and hopefully this will just be a one year thing.  Just my humble opinion.

Thanks again for the trade Scott and hit his blog here.  That was quite a haul for a couple of hundred overproduction era cards.  Honestly, I still feel bad about it, but Scott said don't worry he was all about the base cards.  To each his own, and more power to you Scott.  That's the great thing about collecting cards, a card you treasure is someone else's trash and vice versa.  I love this hobby.  Tune in next time for a trade a couple of months in the making with a Red Sox collector.  Until then, we are officially signed off.

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