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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Possible new Rockie?

I am not one that usually enjoys the countless trade rumors that float around the sports world.  I admit sometimes the rumors are fun to think about, but I never put too much stock into them.  One recent rumor caught my eye. 

Heading into the 2011 season, the biggest question mark for the Rockies is second base.  Currently there is a four headed monster that will battle for the position.  They are Jonathan Herrera, Eric Young Jr., Chris Nelson, and newly acquired former Mariner Jose Lopez.

Getting back to the rumor that started this story, there is the possibility that the Rockies will acquire this guy.

Michael Young is possibly my favorite AL player and has been for a while.  So needless to say the possibility of him coming to Denver to play second (or challenge Ian Stewart at third) thrills me.

There have been talks of getting Young basically all offseason, but now he has officially requested a trade.  The Rockies are one of eight teams on his trade list and are interested and seems to be the best fit.

The only question remains is, who do the Rockies give up?  With Young's substantial salary it won't take what he is worth.  Two rumors that I have seen are these.

Flipping Lopez and a lower level prospect for Young and possibly some cash (My favorite option)

Or just a straight up, one for one deal of Young and Young.

If either of those two happen I will be thrilled.  I don't want to lose any of the very few top prospects (Matzek, Rosario, Friedrich), but if it happens Michael Young will definitely be welcome in my collection.


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