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Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #14 Oakland Athletics Part 2





My Top 5 Athletics Cards
1. Craig Gentry (purple)
2. Andy Parrino (orange)
3. Adam Dunn (purple)
4. Stephen Vogt (red)
5. Josh Reddick (blue)

The ad behind Gentry couple with the purple background of the card really makes that card pop.  It's a nice example of each individual piece of that card just adding something different to make that card really work well.  The Parrino is fantastic as well.  The fact that his entire body is basically floating two inches off the ground seems to defy gravity.  I love it.  I realize I had a complete subset of Adam Dunn and I honestly was going to make that his base card like Reggie in 1988, but once I saw the celebration shot I had to go a different route.  I guess that card would have to be Rated R or at least PG-13. The shadowing effect on the Vogt card just make him look funny.  He looks like he has no teeth, but still really happy.  I can see from that image why Oakland fans really love this guy.  Finally the Reddick works just because of the background ad.  I look at the photo and see the Sprint ad while Reddick is sprinting.  It makes me chuckle.  And sometimes that's all a card needs to do.

Coming tomorrow - #15 Toronto Blue Jays

Thanx for reading.

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