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Saturday, December 6, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #12 Houston Astros Part 2





My Top 5 Astros Cards
1. L.J. Hoes (red)
2. Carlos Corporan (yellow)
3. Jonathan Villar (yellow)
4. Jose Altuve (purple)
5. Jake Buchanan (rookie prospects)

The Astros had a very strong set of photos this year including my overall favorite so far.  Both the timing and the location of the L.J. Hoes is absolutely perfect.  It really looks like the Athletics van is running him down.  It's just so much fun.  It is not only in the running for Best Card of the Set, it is one of my favorite customs that I have ever done.  The Corporan is a really odd angle for a play at the plate.  I don't know the actual outcome of that play, but I would guess that blocking the plate would have to be called, especially since the runner's head is in his lap.  The Villar showcases one of favorite throwbacks, the rainbow jerseys from the 1970s.  Some people have issues with them such as the number placement on the crotch and the ugliness factor, but I disagree.  Those uniforms are fun and they have character which I will take over safe and boring any day.  The Altuve is a really good double play card.  Jose Altuve really doesn't take a bad picture.  I think it is because his height means that images don't have to be shrunk as much and they retain the full value of the image.  I went back and forth several times on #5 between the Buchanan and the Domingo Santana.  I really like the scoreboard numbers on the Santana, but in the end I chose the more interesting (to me) Buchanan bullpen shot.  I wonder what will be landing?

Coming Monday - #13 Detroit Tigers

Thanx for reading.


Nick said...

The Hoes is definitely #1 for me as well, but I think a close second might be that Buchanan. There really aren't enough bullpen shots on cardboard these days. Couple that with a terrific throwback and you have one special card.

Marcus said...

Wow, that Hoes card is an easy #1. GREAT shot. That Altuve is killer as well, especially love the high socks. I also like the Petit card as well, I might've slotted that one in at #5, but I think that this is the list that I've agreed with the most so far. Very nice work.

Marcus said...

Oh, and the Krauss "floating bat" card would be an honorable mention as well.

Bru said...

These are all great as well. Can't say enough about the Hoes shot, or the Villar. As for "classic" shots, I think the Guzman, Dominguez, and Grossman cards are great.

Oh, and that Foltynewicz - he's my new favorite on the team.