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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 Quarry Unlimited - The Recap Part 2

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I was hoping to be finished with the Quarry Unlimited set before 2014 Topps became the hot topic of the blogs.  In fact, the main reason for me doing this was to take up the boring final two months of the card year before flagship is released.  I got a little bit behind, so hopefully this post will make it through the 25 posts about people having or not having 2014 Topps in their are.  For the record, I have not even looked mainly because it is way too cold, but I doubt I have Topps in my area.  My Wal Mart is usually about 3 weeks behind getting the new stuff.  However I have already ordered the Rockies team set off eBay, which I will show off when it arrives.

Anyway, back to the Quarry Unlimited set.  Today I am going to show some facts and figures about the set along with showing the FINAL card from the 2013 Quarry Unlimited set.  It is an accidental homage to both Al Leiter and Jose Gonzalez.  Hopefully you get those references.  Let's check out some (hopefully) fun trivia.

First player alphabetically 

David Aardsma    (David Aardsma in 2012)

Final player alphabetically 

Mike Zunino         (Ben Zobrist in 2012)

Team with the most cards
(tie) New York Yankees & Chicago Cubs (57)  (2012 - Red Sox, 57)

Team with the fewest cards
(tie) Detroit Tigers & Cincinnati Reds (40)  (2012 - Mariners & Reds, 39)

Team with the most players in first year with the franchise
Chicago Cubs (35)

Team with the fewest players in first year with the franchise
Detroit Tigers (9)


Total # of cards in this set
1478      (16 less than 2012)

Total # of unique players appearing in the set
1304      (20 more than 2012)

Total # of Q.U. "rookie cards" in 2013
300   (Including such youngsters as Scott Kazmir, Ramon Ortiz, and Miguel Tejada)

Total # of 2012 players that didn't appear in 2013  
280   (There will be a decent Hall of Fame ballot in 2017 led by Chipper Jones and Omar Vizquel)

Total # of players appearing with multiple teams
98          (19 less than 2012)

Total # of players appearing on 3 or more teams
6            (same as 2012)

Five players appeared in major league games for three different franchises in 2013.  They are shown in chronological order for the player.

There was also one player that appeared in major league games for 4 different franchises in 2013.  I remember Dave Kingman famously did this in the 70s, but I'm not sure of the last player to play for this many teams in one year.  Does anyone have the answer?

Total # of players sharing the same name
8           (2 less sets than 2012)

Interestingly there were 6 sets of same names in 2012 and only 2 of these were a part of that group, David Carpenter and Henry Rodriguez.  Of the other 8 players (7 players and 1 manager) that appeared in the same name group last year, only Chris Young of the A's appeared on a Quarry Unlimited player card in 2013.  Former Astros manager, Brad Mills also appeared as a coach on the Cleveland Indians team card.  Neither of the Chris Carpenters nor Rich Thompsons played in the majors in 2013.

The Henry Rodriguezes were a pain to search for photos.  Not only did they share the same middle initial with each other, but also with the Henry Rodriguez that played for the Dodgers and Expos in the late 90s.  All 3 of them are Henry A. Rodriguez.  The first two cards here are Henry Alberto Rodriguez and the final card is of Henry Alejandro Rodriguez.

Team write ups with the most pageviews
1. Tampa Bay Rays Part 2  (The bots caught this one)
2. Baltimore Orioles Part 2
3. Team Cards
Team write ups with the fewest pageviews

1. Arizona Diamondbacks Part 1
2. Boston Red Sox Part 2
3. Cleveland Indians Part 1

Total # of teams with color changes from 1977 Topps
3 (Brewers, Astros, Dodgers)

Total # of "rare" corrected error cards created

First the original error which actually showed Dustin Pedroia. 
(I blame Getty Images which had this photo mislabeled)
Thank you to Swing And A Pop-Up for the heads up.

Now the corrected version which shows the real Daniel Nava.

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Thanx for reading.


Nick said...

I didn't realize just how many guys the Cubs tried out last year. I bet few (if any) will be back in the bigs for an extended period of time in 2014.

The fact that John McDonald played for four teams in 2013 completely slipped past me as well.

night owl said...

Jose Bautista played for four teams his first year in the majors in 2004. Orioles, Rays, Royals and Pirates. He's the most recent one before McDonald as far as I can tell.

Dave Martinez and Dan Miceli also played for four teams in a season in 2000 and 2003.

Marcus said...

I'm really surprised that the Padres didn't have the most, it seemed like there were a bunch of guys that they were trying out at some point.