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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #24 Miami Marlins Part 2

One interesting aspect about this team set for the Marlins is the presence of the Rookie Cup that I "awarded" to Jose Fernandez.  Another more interesting thing about this team set is the lack of a Rookie Cup for outfielder Christian Yelich.  I named the Quarry Rookie All Star team before Topps announced their picks and I didn't think Yelich was good enough to be honored.  I still think that, by the way.  I named A.J. Pollock of the Diamondbacks as my third outfielder and have no intention of changing it even though it would be relatively simple to do.  I'm not saying Topps made a bad choice because Yelich had a decent rookie year, but they didn't make my choice.  This is the only difference between the Quarry All Star team and the Topps All Star team that will appear with cups in 2014 Topps.  You never know, you could print out the Yelich and Pollock cards and one day have a nice valuable "error."  Yeah, right.  I am just going to say enjoy the second half of the 2013 Miami Marlins.

My Top 5 Marlins Cards
1. Alex Sanabia
2. Jake Marisnick
3. Austin Kearns
4. Koyie Hill
5. Juan Pierre

The expression on Sanabia's face is just priceless.  That one had to be number one and will probably be in my personal top ten of the set.  The Marisnick is a nice sliding catch photo.  The sliding catch has started to get a little cliche on outfielder cards, but I still like them when they are not close up.  I really feel old when I look at that Austin Kearns shot.  He went to a Kentucky high school near me and graduated three years after me and yet he looks like a grizzled veteran in that shot.  Correction, he IS a grizzled veteran in that shot.  But that is why I like it, because that photo shows Kearns' leadership role on this youthful Marlins team.  I still love play at the plate cards and always will.  I just hope they won't be going away permanently.  Finally, I absolutely love the Wheat Thins sign behind Pierre.  The large splash of yellow really works with the blue border and the black uniform.  Maybe it's just me though because those are my three favorite colors.

Coming Monday - #25 Washington Nationals

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