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Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #18 Chicago White Sox Part 2

I have to confess that I really like this design for the White Sox.  With the black and white uniforms, the Sox look really cool on the field, but usually fairly drab on cards.  With the tendency to use gray as the White Sox' accent their cards are usually among the worst in modern sets.  However, the older sets either didn't use team colors or just pull some random color out of the rainbow.  That and the fact that the White Sox had red uniforms when this design originally came out.  But even so, the majority of 60's, 70's, and 80's cards ignored the team color and went random.  For most teams this was a bad thing, but for black and white teams like the White Sox and Yankees I am convinced that the random rainbow colors were a good thing.  Do you think that team colors ought to be the automatic go-to color for accents, should it be mixed up occasionally, or should it be random every year?  While you ponder let's check out the second half of the 2013 Chicago White Sox.

My Top 5 White Sox Cards
1. Angel Sanchez
2. Blake Tekotte
3. Tyler Greene
4. Dewayne Wise
5. Matt Lindstrom

This is quite possibly the first ever appearance of a garden hose on a card.  It's the only photo I could find of the short-term major leaguer and it is a beaut.  The next three cards are all variations of the play at the plate.  Normally I try to get a little variety in the top 5, but these three are pretty good and the rest is fairly pedestrian.  Up first is the great Tekotte because it has a clear catch shot and a throwback jersey.  It is a shot is used often, but it still works well.  Next, we have the coming-at-you slide of Tyler Greene in his throwbacks.  It's a good angle.  The Wise is cropped a little too close to actually tell a complete story, but it is still a great visual.  Finally we come to the Matt Lindstrom.  I can't tell if that is him stretching or if that is an extended wind up.  I think it is just a stretch, but either way it looks like the old school wind up from the 70's which really works with this particular design.

Coming Monday - #19 Philadelphia Phillies

Thanx for reading.

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Nick said...

That Angel Sanchez reminds me of something out of '73 Topps. Nice work!