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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rock Stars - Outfielder Results

As with the right handed relievers, the scoring for your votes is going to be a bit tricky, but I'll get it done.  WAR and my vote are simply scored 4 for the first three, 3 for the next, and so on.

Your votes
Matt Holliday - 15 votes = 4 points
Larry Walker - 14 votes = 4 points
Dante Bichette - 10 votes = 4 points

Carlos Gonzalez - 7 votes = 3 points

Ellis Burks - 2 votes = 1 point
Brad Hawpe - 2 votes = 1 point
Dexter Fowler - 2 votes = 1 point

Mike Kingery, Jeffrey Hammonds, Juan Pierre, Todd Hollandsworth, Jay Payton, Preston Wilson, Willy Taveras, Seth Smith - 0 votes = 0 points

Larry Walker - 44.1 WAR = 4 points
Matt Holliday - 16.9 WAR = 4 points
Ellis Burks - 10.8 WAR = 4 points
Carlos Gonzalez - 9.7 WAR = 3 points
Jay Payton - 3.9 WAR = 3 points
Todd Hollandsworth - 3.5 WAR = 3 points
Seth Smith - 3.4 WAR = 2 points
Brad Hawpe - 3.2 WAR = 2 points
Juan Pierre - 3.0 WAR = 2 points
Willy Taveras - 2.8 WAR = 1 point
Dexter Fowler - 2.6 WAR = 1 point
Jeffrey Hammonds - 2.4 WAR = 1 point
Dante Bichette - 1.8 WAR = 0 points
Mike Kingery - 1.6 WAR = 0 points
Preston Wilson - 1.4 WAR = 0 points

My Vote
Larry Walker, Dante Bichette, Matt Holliday = 4 points
Carlos Gonzalez, Ellis Burks, Brad Hawpe = 3 points
Preston Wilson, Dexter Fowler, Seth Smith = 2 points
Jay Payton, Todd Hollandsworth, Juan Pierre = 1 point
Willy Taveras, Jeffrey Hammonds, Mike Kingery = 0 points

Total Score
Larry Walker = 12 points (unanimous selection)
Matt Holliday = 12 points (unanimous selection)
Carlos Gonzalez = 9 points
Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks = 8 points
Brad Hawpe = 6 points
Seth Smith, Dexter Fowler, Jay Payton, Todd Hollandsworth = 4 points
Juan Pierre = 3 points
Preston Wilson = 2 points
Willy Taveras, Jeffrey Hammonds = 1 point
Mike Kingery = 0 points

The Rock Star outfield is: Matt Holliday, Carlos Gonzalez, Larry Walker

That a damn good outfield right there and would probably fair very well in competition with some other teams all time great outfields.  I am disappointed that Dante Bichette didn't make it, thanks to WAR.  This is the main reason I do not like WAR as a stat, because you could talk from now until I die and you will NEVER convince me that 1 season of Jeffrey Hammonds was more valuable than the combined total of 7 seasons of Dante Bichette.  It's should be looked at as a joke from reading that sentence, but some people still think it's a usable stat.  Oh well.  This is the way I expected the all time Rockies outfield to look in 2014 or so, but not today.  CarGo is great, but he has only played three years so far.  Although, I personally would have Gonzalez replace Holliday when it happens.  What can I say Dante is my favorite Rockie ever.  But for now let's celebrate the Rock Star outfield including (hopefully) eventual Hall of Famer Larry Walker.

Tomorrow will be the biggest vote for the Rock Stars and last one involving players.  The starting rotation will feature 25 candidates including many guys that probably killed your fantasy team back in the day. 


Johngy said...

I agree with everything you wrote about WAR and my guy Dante! Are you going to have Rock Star reserves? Dante needs to find a place on this team somehow!

Scott Fendley said...

I agree with WAR. You have to adjust for park and era and league. Besides, Bichette's defense was pretty heinous, which WAR takes into account.

It's not perfect, but it's better than ink stained wretches that can't deal with players from different eras.

SpastikMooss said...

I think it's funny Burks and Bichette tied lol.

As for WAR...I'm generally a fan, but I definitely agree it's not perfect, especially when it comes to defense. With Dante I actually prefer OPS+, which looks at his on base percentage plus slugging percentage in comparison to the rest of the league for a given year. 100 is an average player, and other than his monster 1995 where Dante scored a 129, he was actually quite normal, averaging around 106 per season with the Rockies. In other words, he was good, but a lack of walks and a decent show of power in power times didn't actually make him stand out too much.

OPS+ also makes me happy because it smiles kindly on Fred McGriff lol. In 1989 he had a 166, which led the league! He had two other seasons above 160, and 12 above 140 in general. Bichette never bested 130 - there were just a lot of powerful outfielders in the mid 90's and Bichette didn't do a ton to distinguish himself aside from 1995.

Johngy said...

I also would like to add that I think Bichete brought intangibles. By the very definition, it is hard to account for intangibles, but when I think of early Colorado Rockies, I think of Bichette. I see him as the face of the original and early Rockies teams.