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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Gots Me a New Scanner plus Results from the Dimwit's January Group Break

After getting my tax refund on Monday, I did a little shopping and picked up a new scanner/printer.  I had a couple of issues with it such as the USB cable not being included and a couple of tricky bugs to work out, but all is now well and I can again have pictures that aren't either old and/or "borrowed" and properly thank future trade partners. 

First up on the scanner schedule is my group break results from The Daily Dimwit.  The weird thing about this group break was I received the cards before the break actually finished.  Now that's efficiency.  Sam always runs a great break and this was no exception, but I didn't do so great this go around at least with my want list.  I still got some good cards though.

Sam busted two boxes each of 2007 SP Rookie Edition and 2009 UD Signature Stars.  I got my Rockies and was randomized the Orioles.  I already had about half of the 2007 set and most of the 2009 set, but I figured I'd try to beat the odds and knock out a couple of needs.

This Jeff Francis is the sum total of cards knocked off my want list.  It is a cool looking card especially with the purple background.

Here is the remainder of the 2007 SP Rookie Rockies.  Troy Tulowitzki and Jeff Baker are both featured on 4 different cards (1993, 1995, 1996, and 2007 designs).  I already had the 2007 and the 1996 for both, but needed the others.  Unfortunately, the two that I got were the 1996 version, but it is my favorite of the four designs at least.

Here is the entire team set from the 100 card base set from 2009 UD Signature Stars.  It's okay, but seems a little off somehow.  Perhaps if the gray polygons in the corners were team-colored it would have been better.  I already had these two, but was hoping for one of the autos to hit for me.  Actually of the four autos, I only still need Jhoulys Chacin.  The odds weren't with me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Here's all the Orioles I got which are up for trade (along with all the Rockies minus Francis)

I got two of the Markakis, if there are more than one of you that want it.  Markakis is probably the only Oriole I know other than former Rockies Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom who were traded there yesterday.  Melvin Mora was a future Rockie when this card came out and is currently a former Rockie.  Brian Roberts has been rumored as a Rockies trade target since the first Clinton administration, but it never works out.  Oh well.

Here are the two SP O's I got.  The Brian Burres is the 1993 design I believe.  In 1993 SP was out of my price range, so I never really learned the designs. 

Thanks for the break Sam and I look forward to getting in next month's break.

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cynicalbuddha said...

very nice. Hey I saw your post over at my blog. I'll set the Hammel aside for you. I also know I have a Tulo 87 mini extra I'll let you have and I'll to see if I've got any other Rockies inserts in there.