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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who Says Spring Training Games Don't Mean Anything?

Today, the Colorado Rockies played (well still playing as of this post) in a somewhat meaningless Spring Training game with the Cleveland Indians.  The major roster questions such as rotation (congrats Jamie Moyer), most backups, and bullpen are already answered.  So why am I writing about this game?  The starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians was former Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez. 

First a little backstory.  As some of you may be aware, Ubaldo and Troy Tulowitzki have been engaged in a social media war over what seems to be Ubaldo's jealousy over Tulo and CarGo getting huge contract extensions instead of him.  Tulo basically came out and said what's done is done and he needs to move on with his career.

Stevie Wonder could have seen the rest of the story coming.  In the first inning of a "meaningless" game, Ubaldo drilled Tulowitzki in the elbow with a fastball

Tension filled the air.  Jaws flapped and no punches were thrown.  Tulo was taken to the hospital for X-rays on his elbow, which thankfully are negative.

But the benches did empty.  No one was ejected and Ubaldo is continuing to show what an immature jerk he really is.  I was really disgusted when he was traded last year and it led in part to my not wanting to write the blog for several months.  Today, I am relieved that he was traded for such a nice package of prospects (even if they all flop). Cleveland is not playing Colorado this year, so I can only hope for both teams to make the World Series.  That way, Jamie Moyer can get revenge for Tulo by hitting Ubaldo with a 72 MPH fastball. 

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