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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mashburn Mondays #2

Oftentimes in college basketball when there are relatively short coaching stints (10 years or less), one player is identified with said coach and vice versa.  Today's installment of Mashburn Mondays will take a look at two such examples.  The first is obviously Jamal Mashburn and Rick Pitino.  The second is the Random Cat of the Week Tayshaun Prince and Tubby Smith.  Both players were arguably the best players of each coach's Kentucky tenure and now both will be shown off here.

1995 NBA Hoops #36

Mashburn was the first major recruit to Kentucky following the probation from the violations that occurred during the Eddie Sutton era.  The major violator in that instance was Dwane Casey who would later go on to coach the T-Wolves and is currently coaching the Raptors.  Whoever said cheaters never prosper never met Mr. Casey.  It always bugs me when the coaches that do the wrong get virtually no penalty, but the school is rendered almost non-existent for several years afterward.  This card is one of three that Mash has in the base NBA Hoops set.  He definitely knew how to Fing-A-Roll.

Card grade - A-

Other players on the card
Clippers (l-r) Bo Outlaw, Lamond Murray

1997 Ultra #50

One story I hesitate to tell is that of the game that everyone sees around March every year.  "The Game" against Duke in the Final 8 in 1992 is quite possibly the most heartbreaking game in my entire life.  I experienced higher highs and lower lows in that game that in any other game ever, including those that I competed in myself.  But I'll speak more about this game later.  This card is a nice shot on one of my favorite designs ever.  I don't know what it is about the script name, I absolutely love it, although 1997's version is not as good as 2004's.

Card grade - A

Other players on the card
Bulls - Dennis Rodman (the phantom legs are possibly Steve Kerr, but I don't know for sure)

2003 Upper Deck/Black Diamond Single Diamond Jerseys #BD-MA

In his junior year of 1993, Mashburn became UK's first AP All American since Kenny Walker in 1986.  Both he and Pitino saved UK Hoops from irrelevancy.  All you have to do is look at SMU football and see how far a program can fall.  Kentucky's penalties were not THAT severe, but the potential for becoming just another program was there.  This card is being shown as a tip of the cap to Spastikmooss.  He alerted me last week to a card with a 3 colored jersey piece that I already had.  The one I had was a single color, but I'm not that picky.  But I figured I would show off the one 3 colored jersey piece that I do possess for Mash.  

Card grade - A-

Other players on the card 


Tayshaun Prince
Unique cards owned = 84

 2003 Fleer Platinum #78

Tayshaun Prince was a part of Tubby Smith's second recruiting class (and first that didn't mostly transfer away) and was without a doubt the highest profile recruit under Tubby Smith.  He was a member of the 1998 McDonald's All American team alongside Al Harrington, Richard Jefferson, and Corey Maggette among others.  This is a 2003 Fleer Platinum card which features the god-awful "flaming pony" logo of the Grant Hill-era Detroit Pistons.  It is arguably one of the worst sports logos ever.  Aside from that, the card is not too bad.

Card grade - B

Other players on the card

 2006 Bowman #81

Prince was selected with the 23rd pick in the 1st round of the 2002 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons.  He is the only Kentucky player that I collect that has spent his entire career with a single organization (well so far anyway, because there are trade rumors as we speak).  Following a rookie year off the bench, Prince cemented himself into the starting lineup in his sophomore season.  This card is from 2006 Bowman and is similar, but not identical, to the baseball set.  The main difference is the hollow letters in the player's name.  I like the baseball better.

Card grade - C-

Other players on the card
Unknown Cavalier (possibly LeBron James)

2008 Topps #75

The highlight of Prince's professional career was the 2003-04 NBA Finals victory over the heavily favored Los Angeles Lakers.  Prince was not the superstar of the team, but he was a starter and a solid contributor throughout the playoffs.  Prince continues to maintain his starting spot on the rebuilding Pistons, but it would not be a huge surprise to see him in a different uniform next season.  This card is 2008 Topps done correctly.  It takes the biggest problem from the baseball set, the overhead "bump," and moves is to the bottom as a nameplate.  It looks so much better like that, and I like the small logo in the bottom corner as well.

Card grade - A

Other players on the card
Bulls - Drew Gooden

Another week of UK love here at the Quarry.  I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane and as always thanx for reading.


Greg Zakwin said...

That black diamond Mash jersey is sweeeet!

SpastikMooss said...

I agree, great jersey card! I think yours is more centered than the one I showed you and is a bigger swatch so I prefer yours.